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Modular Risers-

*Come in 8", 11"(standard), 14", 16", and 18" Rise.
*Are modular, so they can be stacked to add steps.
*Great for Extra Large groups.
*14" is perfect for sports teams.

If you are photographing sports teams or a variety of different groups that includes sports, the modular risers will be your best option.

Compact Risers-

*Come only in 10" Rise (perfect rise for school classes).
*Do not stack.
*Are slightly lighter than modular risers.
*Are priced lower, based on the lighter gage of steel used in their construction.
*Set up exactly the same way as the modular risers.

If you only photograph small children or school classes, compact risers will work great for you.
Modular Risers vs Compact Risers
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